Case Study: BC Kit with SEAM™ and Video

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This presentation replay explains how the Tomatis® Bone Conduction Kit works and the powerful results that can be achieved. 

The progress of the baby with unilateral hearing loss is truly amazing. You can hear her singing and clapping her hands in the last video. 

I have used SEAM™, a standardized questionnaire, to measure the baby's progress and video recordings so you can follow her development. You will be amazed how quickly she improves.

Length: 35 minutes. 


  • The Tomatis® Bluetooth Bone Conduction Kit equipment
  • Why, when, and how to use Tomatis® bone conductor instead of regular headphones 
  • Baby Gwen and why she came to see me 
  • Video documentation before and after each Tomatis® intensive
  • Measurements with the SEAM™ Questionnaire and results over 2 years 
  • Discussion of typical improvements with bone conduction.

I hope you will find the Tomatis® BC Kit inspiring and useful for your practice!

The presentation is free but you must register/sign in to get access.  

Maria Moell Lundqvist

PS  If you want to use this technique for your own clients, I have created a separate course where you will learn how to use SEAM™ "my way".  Using my latest Excel templates and findings, you will be able to show your clients that Tomatis® gets the natural development back on track and "closes the gap". More info here: 

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